10 Dancing Apps For Kids For Android & iOS

Dancing Apps for kids are an awesome set of apps if you have a kid. The developers of these apps have added some of the amazing and easy to learn steps in these Dancing apps for kids.

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As a result of which, it is even more fun to learn the dance steps from these dancing apps for kids. Not to miss, these dancing apps for kids are absolutely free. Hence, there is no need for you to spend a single dime on these apps.

On the authenticity front, these dancing apps for kids could be downloaded from the official app stores of Google and Apple. As a result, there is absolutely no need to worry about the security and processing of these apps on your phone.

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dancing apps for kids

10 Dancing Apps For Kids

Just Dance Now

just danceJust Dance Now by Ubisoft is the best dance learning app there is for kids. Ubisoft is a household name in the field of games, so you know you cannot go wrong with an app made by them.

Teach your kids steps of some of the grooviest songs you can find, available in its database, with new ones being added every month, so you don’t fall short of songs to dance to. You can start dancing to any songs in a few taps and that too without needing a video game console.

And while you dance to it, you can track the number of calories burnt on the HealthKit dashboard. You can get the app on any platform of your choice. Give it a try.

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Toca Dance

toca dance

Toca Dance or Play Dance is a paid ios only choreography app that teaches the young ones dancing with a deeply engrossing UI, that makes learning from a device fun instead of making the art of learning monotonous and boring.

Toca dance comes with so many cool features like choosing your avatar or dancing in neon nights and so much more. Its interface is child-friendly and ad-free which makes it ideal for children’s use.

By dancing to the songs in the app, you can even record your own music videos and unleash the dancer in you.

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Hip Hop and Street Dance School

hip hopHip Hop and street dance school is a story-based game that follows a story where you have been discovered by the best talent agent for mentoring and you have to give your best and dance to your dreams.

This gives the process a depth, that makes you want to perform better every time. Choose the songs and beats you wanna dance to either from iTunes or from your gallery.

Upskill yourself as you climb up the charts competing with the best talent in the world. If you are serious about dancing, you need to have this app.

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Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance

crazy flamencoAs the name suggests, this app is a crazy attempt at choreography. Dance like a Spaniard in a typical attire as if you were on a stage performing flamenco. This app can be for kids and grownups alike.

Crazy Flamenco Rumba dance allows you to clip your face on the avatar of your choice and dance to the tune of the guitar and prove your mettle as the versatile dancer you are.

It can also be used as an experiment during fun times with your friends and family. One thing is sure, you will be amused to know your hidden Rumba talents after using this app.

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Dance School Stories

dance schoolDance School Stories by Crazy labs is a character-based game that along with teaching choreography develops the character arc on the basis of the choices you make during the gameplay.

The gameplay is similar to a Disney storyline where you have been inducted into the best dance school and you have to prove your mettle by silencing your critics and grabbing the right opportunities.

You know the drill. So get ready to go on a journey that will enhance your choreography skills and the storyteller in you. Give it a try and you’ll be hooked.

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ElfYourself literally does what it says it does. It makes you an Elf while you dance like one, digitally of course.

The app puts your face on dancing elves where you can add up to five faces and select the dance from an exhaustive list of dances in the app and make a ton of personalized videos. You can share it on social media as well.

Though some dances are free, most require a purchase of the subscription that you can get at a nominal amount. So, if you wanna learn to dance along with having some fun, this is your go-to app.

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Pretty Ballerina

pretty ballIt is a ballet-based choreography and role play app that lets children prep the Ballerina from grooming to styling to choreographing with tons of dance moves and make it stand out from all other Ballerinas.

It teaches the kid everything about ballet through a game approach with real-life situations that make the child more creative at the end of every task and performance.

You could save the best of the performances as well so that you could appreciate what your child is capable of. Try this app and get the best out of it for your child.

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Funny Animal Dance For Kids

funny animal dance

As the name suggests, the dance steps are imitated by animals which are quite interesting as far as choreography is concerned. Specially built for children, the app makes it easy for kids to focus and concentrate as the characters are animated and bear the resemblance to animals.

Kids in turn can imitate the steps to learn the steps. The dance has great audio and background and the greatest feature is, it works offline.

Funny animal dance for kids teaches dance steps to kids in an entertaining way without putting the jargons in the picture which makes the app even more practical.

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Hip Hop Battle

hiphop battleDance by participating in a dance-off competition by making your team and preparing it for the ultimate dance battle.

This app is strategy-based gameplay where you practice using your breakdance moves or freestyle and come up with an outstanding team who can win any event at any location be it a basketball court or a subway platform.

Get ready for an adrenaline rush while on this game. You get to develop your character from the beginning with the steps you gave it to fashion style. This brings the best out of your dance talents.

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Coco Party – Dancing Queens

coco party

It is a combination of choreography and fashion app, where you get to choose the appearance of a fictional character Coco while you also prepare her for a performance on a big stage.

You could choose between never-ending outfits of the character along with preparing her for the main event.

After the performance before the judges, your dancing steps are evaluated and you are graded for your overall capability of Coco. Also, you can even enjoy the SPA time in between the performances. Do give it a try.

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