Top Best Trippy Apps For Android And iOS

Are you looking for the photo editing apps that let you edit photo with trippy effects ? If yes, then this is the end of your search since I am going to list the best trippy apps for android and iOS users.

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These apps would be free to download and use. You would be able to download these apps directly from the Google and iOS app stores.

These apps come with the special trippy filter that will allow you to add effects just like acid trip photo editor. Hence, you will also find trippy rainbow effect app with some of the best trippy photo effects online that you will absolutely love and adore.

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top best trippy apps


List Of Best Trippy Apps Photo Editor Online


trippyThe first app of this awesome list is Trippy. This is the exclusive app for iOS users. With one of the unique trippy features, this app has great combination of colors.

You can easily choose the best color combination for your images. You also can use this one as a red eye removal app just by using the red trippy filter of this app.

There are options to add text as well. You can use the trippy filter along with the text, it will surely provide a special dimension to your image. At the same time you would be able to write and add text on the image and express your feelings.

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Trippy Effects – Digital Arts & Aesthetic Filters

trippy effects - androidThis app is for android users. If  you like falling in love with colors, you will absolutely love this app. With amazing filters and effective usage of color combinations, the filters are just filled with life.

This app will surely provide the eccentricity to your images that you have been looking for. It also has special acid filter with all the color variations. Hence, if you strike a right combination of color along with the awesome filter, your image could easily stand out and attract more attention and eye balls.

For creating a perfect digital art, you can easily use this app to take your photo to the next level.  This one also supports the wide angle shots with your camera. Hence, could be used as picture in picture as well. On the same image you can apply the desired trippy effects and share the same on Facebook and Instagram.

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HYPERSPEKTIVFor iOS users, this is a pretty amazing app. This app is not only used for trippy photo effects, but also for videos and music as well. The editing of the photo option is still not available in this app, but you can click the image within the app.

As a result, you will have the options for images and videos both. This app is fully compatible with the latest hardware and the software configurations of iPhone X.

While using this app, all you need to do is to open the camera and swipe left and right to change the effects and the video filters.

Option of recording videos in 720p and 1080p also make this app a great one. Specially for all those people who believe in video and image quality. The developers add more new effects and patterns to make this app interesting. One of the new addition is feature of cut out picture, this could be used to change the backgrounds as well.

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Psychedelic Camera

psychedelic cameraAs by the name you would have guessed the working of this app. It is the app that directly works on the real time basis in your device’s camera.

With the new AR(augmented reality) on your camera, you would be able to see the world using a complete new outlook. As a result of which you would be able to capture some amazing pictures and stand out of the rest.

This app saves a lot of time. As it is very easy to use app and since you are getting to see the environment in the real time, you would be able to save a lot of time which  used to go in editing the image. Hence, all you need to do is to install this app and open your device’s camera and choose the appropriate filter and you are good to go.

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Trippy Booth

trippy boothTrippy Booth is a completely fun app. It uses some of the amazing and funny photo filters that could be used to provide a touch of fun to your image.

I personally used this app and it was just hilarious to see some of the edits of my own selfie that I clicked. This app has collection of filters that easily melt your face.

Trippy Booth also supports live video option. Hence, you would be able to see the live version of the filtered image or video.

As a result of which it could be so entertaining to use this app for your live photos and videos as well. Using this app you can change the dimension of your image, change colors, apply nice and awesome colorful filters. Tons of filters to choose from, along with the huge color effects collection as well.

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Glitch – Glitch 4 Android

glitchOne of the most powerful app for android users is Glitch photo editor. This is also famous for its trippy photo editor capabilities.

You can easily generate the random and real glitch photos for free. For trippy effects, you can upload the images from the gallery of your phone. Post which you can select desired trippy effect and make your image awesome.

Once you have edited or transformed your image, you might be able to notice that, the image has completely turned on its head.

You can show the edited image as the digital artist. Hence, you can brag about on social media and also in front of your friends. Some of the awesome effects include VHS scanlines, 3D, Window Lag, Pixel, Wave, Hacker, Triangol.

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Trippy Effects

trippy effectsAnother awesome trippy app for all the android users is this Trippy Effects. If you want to make your selfie look trippy, glitchy and fun,  then you should definitely download this app for yourself.

Trippy Effects is an easy app to use. This app will certainly make your photo look more aesthetic and vibrant.

Some of the features included in this app are art photo editor, camera glitch effect, aesthetic photo maker and vapor wave photo editor, hence you can use any of these effects to make your photo look cool and trippy in nature.

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Trippy Draw

trippy drawTrippy Draw is the app that could really encourage the artist in you to try to use this app for adding trippy effects. This can be surely one of the best trippy apps, if you like artistic and out of the way filters. It has got amazing drawing and images to support the same.

You can use its crazy effects. Some of them are vortex, amazing circles, crazy lines and particles. The best part about this app is that it also includes animations, using those you can really add your emotions to the image.

You also can save the image or take a screenshot. Direct sharing options to different social media portals is also present.

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