Best Top Down Shooters Games {New Games Updated}

In shooting games, top down shooter games are the best. As a result, every one is searching for the latest and best top down shooters games. Hence, in this article I have done all the hard work and came up with the list of awesome and addictive top down shooters games.

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In these type of top down shooting games, the levels are controlled from an overhead viewpoint. The games listed below are the games that have fast-paced action shooter in them. With a wide range of playing conditions and awesome graphics, these games are realistic and challenging as well.

You can also check out websites to download PC games for free. Hence, they will test the best of player in you. Here you will find latest and the best top down shooters games.

best top down shooter game

List Of Best Top Down Shooters Games

  1. Hotline Miami

    hotline miami2
    One of the most entertaining and famous top down shooter game is Hotline Miami. With the latest version named as “Wrong Number”, it has created awesome buzz throughout the gaming world. The best part that features in the Hotline Miami 2 is the hard mode. Here the enemies are difficult and the missions are not that easy to cross. The part two has 13 playable characters whereas there were a couple of them in the first part.

    In this game each character has its own special power that they can use. Corey can roll, Mark can use two dual sub-machine guns, Tony’s fist can kill many enemies etc. The most interesting part of the game is the last act. In this one the son of the tries to reclaim his father’s place from the other gangsters. This is just awesome game and gathered a lot of attention around. You also can try and let us know in the comments section below.

  2. Nuclear Throne

    nuclear throne
    Another game known for its graphics and awesome gaming experience is Nuclear Throne. It is top down shooting game Vlambeer. Nuclear Throne comes with a couple of game mode. First one would be single play mode and the second one is cooperative game play mode. The game has 12 characters to play with. The user needs to unlock them in different levels and other two only come under various circumstances of the games. Each character specializes in different skill set, hence you need to be very cautious when you are choosing the player for a particular level of game play. People generally like the shooting scenes and the awesome effects of the games. According to the reviews, it is also harder than other games.

    The player can use the weapons for only specific game play, nothing is carried forward. You can gain the playing experience by getting radiation pellets. This will help you with the player easiness and the difficult levels might get easier if you have higher rads. All an all, this is great game and you should definitely try this one.

  3. Darkwood

    One of the latest games with some awesome graphics that can scare you while game play is Darkwood. The best part is that you get to explore new places as the game progresses.  There are many story lines running at the same time. Hence, you get to experience different types of environment each and every time. You get to explore the day time, the night time, you will have different skill system, stealth and combat that you can master through playing the game and crossing the levels.

    If you are playing in the night, then your aim should be to survive night and playing in day means you need to survive till night. Once you have survived that particular time of the day, your skill level will increase. The key part of the survival in this game is, planning a defensive strategy. All you need to do is to stop intruders. As a result sometimes it gets scary as well when you have many against you.

  4. Halo Spartan Assault

    A game from the franchise of epic games is Halo’s Spartan Assault. This is a top down twin stick shooter game. Spartan Assault was released on every major platform. Starting from windows, x-box and android followed by iOS as well. This was also a very popular game of Halo Franchise. The plot of the game is between the Halo-3 and Halo-4. Here, the ceasefire has been agreed between the alien and the humans. Spartans Palmer and Davis are at Draetheus planet when it is attached by some Covenant, they have totally violated the ceasefire and began attacking Draetheus.

    Now the people slowly came to know that the moon of their planet is a weapon. Hence, they need to activate it and fight against the invaders. Hence, the story is pretty interesting and so is the game play. The game has till now received a mixed response. Over all as a top down shooter game this is just awesome

  5. Hell Divers

    hell divers
    Another amazing top down shooter game which is developed by Arrowhead Game Studios is Hell Divers. This game is based in a universe where they have many types of species where you need to battle them out and win your missions. Along with fighting these species, you and your team would need to complete a series of objects then only your mission would be accomplished. You all need to be a great team player in order to perform well in the battle field.

    The best part of this game is its weapons and artillery. Before each game you need to choose and pick your winning combination with them. You can choose from heavy guns, quick guns and many heavy vehicles as well. You will also get to be on different planets and fight different species living there. All in all this is a nice game and requires a team player capabilities.

These are some of the games that have been liked since so many years. You can try playing all the games listed above by us here at Your Top Best. These games are listed in no specific order. Hence, you can try them all and let us know in the comments below how you liked these games.

I always try to bring best of the lists for all you guys so that you do not have waste your time in finding the best of the things. I have done my research on these games and post that this list about best top down shooters games is published.

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