Best Talk To Text App For Android & iOS

If I talk about best talk to text app, they are very less. These type of apps really help people who are in regular need of taking dictations. Talk to text app will allow you to make your work easy and life smooth.

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You will not have to worry about the grammatical mistakes as well. These talk to text apps are best suited for students, journalists and others who require taking down the notes quickly and error free.

Hence, the listed apps below would be the ideal choice for you as well. You may also check out best text to speech software, if you use a PC or laptop for this purpose.

best talk to text app

Best Talk To Text App For Android & iOS

  1. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

    gboardGoogle is way ahead of others, when it comes to voice recognition and converting the talk into the text format. They have the best voice recognition engine. Voice typing is one of the many awesome functionality of this keyboard.

    This is an easy-to-use app, you just need to press a button to use this speech to text feature. The best part is, you will also get other benefits of using this app on your phone. The built-in function would allow you to write the speech as well.

    The text would be error free and hence you can totally count on its accuracy. The app is from google hence there is no need to worry about the heaviness or its lagging of software on your device. You can use it freely and if you face any issue, please report the same on the app store. This is definitely one of best talk to text app.

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  2. ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes

    list note speech to textList Note Speech to text, has been one of the most successful apps in the area of talk to text app. Whenever you need to take down some quick notes of someone talking, you may use this app.

    It will make you quickly jot down the speech and error free notes would be ready in no time. Hence, this could save a lot of time and energy for you. You can also search the notes by speaking the particular phrase as well.

    You also can protect your notes with the help of password. Sharing the notes has also been enabled. There is an option to use SMS, email, twitter for sharing the text notes. As a result of these great options and effective usage of voice recognition, this is one of the best talk to text app.

    Download From Google Play Store

  3. Speechnotes – Speech To Text

    speechnotesThis is one of the super flexible apps, when it comes to converting the talks into text. Recently the developers have incorporated the Bluetooth support with this app as well.

    This is a very easy to use app, as you just need to download this one and press the microphone button and start converting the talks into error free text. You also do not have to register or provide any personal details when using or installing this app.

    The best part that I liked about this app is, you do not have to keep on pressing the microphone button, you just have to press it once and you are good to go. It also uses the Google’s own voice recognition engine, which is just awesome in terms of accuracy and smoothness. As a result of this, it works offline as well, but the internet connectivity is recommended.

    Download From Google Play Store

  4. Speech To Text Notepad

    speech to textThis app is developed by Heterioun. This is another awesome app when it comes to best talk to text app. With very basic features it works as great as others. This one is pretty easy on your phone’s memory and very simple to use.

    You can easily create your notes using the hands-free function. All you need to do is to press the icon and you are good to go. You also can edit the existing the notes by giving the commands as well.

    There is absolute no limit to the length of the talk to text made. The developers have also made the sharing of notes very easy. The conversion of talk to text does not stop at any point until you stop it manually. The speech recognition is in more than 71 languages. It also could take voice commands in more than 6 languages.

    Download From Google Play Store

  5. Transcribe – Speech to Text

    transcribeAnother awesome talk to text app is Transcribe. This is for all the iOS users. You can convert talk into text and video to text is also supported by this amazing app.

    The developers of Transcribe have used powerful techniques of Artificial Intelligence which results in an awesome quality output in the form of grammatical error free text. This app supports 80+ languages and dialects.

    Hence, you are almost covered with most of the languages. You also can easily import files from other sources like, Dropbox, G drive etc. The best part that I liked about them is, there are absolutely no adds to annoy you. This is a smooth app and fairly easy to use.

    All you got to do is to download the app and tap the app and you are got to go with the conversion from speech to text.

    Download From Apple App Store

  6. Just Press Record

    just pressOne of the best talks to text app for iOS users is Just Press Record. It is one of the premium apps, hence it comes with a cost of $4.99. Just with the usage of a tap, you can convert your studio or talks to the text format.

    They support superior inclusion of AI as a result of which the output is just awesome quality. You can easily turn the talk or speech into searchable text with help of a tap. It is compatible with most of the iOS devices.

    Hence, you would be able to use on Apple App Store on Mac or PC via the Lightning Port. Another awesome support that you get is of cloud storage, you can easily sync your files from different devices. It has got great features like voice over support, Apple Watch, unlimited recording time etc. There is no better option than this for all the iOS users.

    Download From Apple App Store

  7. Dragon Anywhere

    dragon anywhereDragon Anywhere is a free app that could be used by iOS users in order to simply convert the speech into text. They have professional dictation taking option incorporated in this app.

    You can easily take the notes of all the talking and get them converted into the readable text. There is absolutely no boundation of time or the length of talks. You can take the notes as long as you want and you would get absolutely what you want.

    If you want to share the notes or the text, you can simply share the cloud storage link and you are good to go. You also have the option to sync your work with the desktop solution of Dragon Anywhere.

    Download From Apple App Store

  8. Text by Voice

    text by voiceAnother app for android users which is great in terms of converting the voice into the text. You may say it is one of the best apps when you compare the easy-to-use functions. The best talk to text app should be like Text by Voice.

    It is very easy to use app with simple user interface. The only drawback with this app is, it could be only used for sending the text messages using the voice commands. Hence, it’s working is pretty much restricted.

    It could auto play text messages and you also have the option to reply to them hands free. The best part is, this app does not contain any adds, which could some time be really annoying. The most important you need to keep in mind is that, you need an active internet connection for using this app’s functionality.

  9. Braina PC Remote Voice Control

    brainaBraina is known to very less number of people, but I can tell you, this is pretty amazing app. It will not only help you in converting talk to text but it will also help you in controlling Windows PC over wifi network.

    This also has functionality of converting your text to voice as well. The best part is, you get to experience all this without spending a penny on this amazing app. All you need to do is to download this app from the Google Play Store and you are good to go.

    Using Braina, you can play songs, play videos, dictate to any software or website can also use it as a remote control mouse and key board and other cool stuff just using your voice. You also can remotely shutdown your computer.

    Download From Google Play Store

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