Top Best Sticker App For Android

While chatting with some, stickers can express our emotions very easily. Hence, you should have the best sticker app installed on your android phone. This is the reason I am going to list some of the top best sticker apps for android.

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You would be able to use these sticker apps with any and every messaging app. As a result, you can easily impress the person on the other side with your witty and naughty stickers.

This is the reason you should have the least one of the top best sticker apps for your android device. You also can check out emoji apps for your mobile phones. You also can use these stickers while you are chatting or talking with girls or when you are using any of the naughty chatting apps.

Best Sticker App For Android

Awesome Sticker App For Android

New Stickers For Chatting

new stickers for chattingAs the name suggests, this app supports the new stickers for chatting. You can install this app directly from the app store and you are good to go. There are a wide variety of stickers that are included in this app.

Some of the best examples are Video games, pets, celebrities, TV series, emojis, and much more. This app would be mostly used by WhatsApp users, but you can use it for other chatting apps as well.

This is a highly secured app that you can use. It has also got stickers from telegram, which is another cool stuff. Hence, you would be able to use the telegram stickers on WhatsApp as well. The developers update this app quite frequently and hence you can use this and enjoy the latest stickers.

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Deco Story Photo Stickers

deco story photo stickersDeco has been one of the most used apps when it comes to sticker creation of your own. This is more of a photo editing app rather than a sticker app. Using this app you can turn any image into a sticker by editing the same.

Most girls use this one to decorate their pictures with shapes of hearts, stars, makeup. From the app itself, they are able to share the edited image to the social media handles as well.

You also can use the photo frames and other cute deco stickers to make it look like a cute and simple sticker of your own image. You also can edit images to look like nice greeting cards,  and also can add more sparks to photos by using already uploaded firecrackers images in the app.

Bigmoji – WAStickerApp

bigmojiIf you are a fan of classic stickers with a pinch of twist, then this is the app for you. Once you install this app you will get to know about the best features and latest emojis that it has got. The collection includes all the basic emojis. It also has got some great stickers for WhatsApp as well.

You also have got options to create your own stickers and send them to others. Bigmoji is simple and easy to use the app. It is compatible with most of the chatting applications hence you can easily integrate with them. It is also light on your phone and does not take much space on your phone.

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Stickers – Create Any Sticker – Add Text

stickersOne of the most used and famous apps when it comes to all-around sticker creation, sharing, and customization is the Stickers app by sticky text. You can customize the new stickers in your own language.

Create as many as you want and use them. You have the full freedom when it comes to customization and giving your own touch to it. You can write the text in your own language and hence you can give your own local touch to your sticker.

These have got stickers for each and every occasion, hence you can provide these stickers your own touch as well. They have also given a photo collage option which you can use to combine a collection in one and send it as an image.

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My Stickers Maker

my stickers makerThis is a cool android app that you could use to easily make and customize stickers from your mobile device for your mobile device. You can literally create stickers out of any image in any language that you like.

Hence, this is an awesome app when it comes to sticker customization. Add emotions to the image using the text you like adding some external emoticons to it. As a result, you will have a sticker that can depict your feelings and the message that you want to convey.

You can create stickers like handmade pencil stickers, only text stickers, personal stickers, and so on. There are no restrictions on the creation of a number of stickers. The developers have also extended multi-language support for its users.

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