Best Scary Face Apps – Make Amazing Horror Faces

Are you looking for some awesome scary face apps ? Do you want to scare your cousins by using some amazing and realistic scary face apps ? If the answer to these two question is yes, then you have landed on the right page.

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I have listed some of the most scary apps for your mobile phone that you can use to scare your friends, cousins, relatives or anyone for that matter.

The list below contains apps that are spam free and trustworthy apps. Since they are listed on the official app store of the respective operating system, using them will not cause any harm to your phone. These scary face apps are easy to use and can be used to scare and prank anyone. You also can check out other ghost photo apps.

Scary Face Apps

Best Scary Face Apps

  1. Scary Face Maker

    scary face makerIf you want to prank your friend using your own photo, then this is the app for you. Here in this app you can turn your photo into something very scary.

    It can be a zombie or you also can make your face bleed. As a result of which your photo will look very scary. Another use of this photo could be in the Halloween.

    This app provides you with different set of overlay masks that you can use to blend different parts of you faces.

    For android users, you can choose from the different filters. There is one filter using which you may give yourself sharp vampire fangs. As a result of which your face will look very devilish.

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  2. Scary Face Camera

    scary face cameraThis is a pretty simple and easy use app. All you need to do is to download the app and choose your picture to edit. Post which you need to pick up sticker and your image would be edited as per the sticker mask.

    You also have the option to choose spooky mask, spooky eyes, a spooky mouth and other cool scary stuff. This is a free to use app, hence you can turn your face into a scary face with the help of this free app and share with your friends on social media easily.

    For iOS users, it is kind of booth. Here you can convert your picture into a zombie. Using this app is also very simple, you need to take a picture and choose a perfect zombie image and bam, you have a perfect zombie photo of yourself. For adjustment purpose, you can use your fingers to position and resize/rotate the mask to a suitable size.

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  3. Haunted Booth Horror

    haunted booth horrorIf you are an iOS user and you love horror face apps, then this is an awesome app for you to use. You can easily turn your face into a ghost picture that too in 3D.

    This is an amazing free app that comes with some cool bunch of features. With feature like Zombie Booth, you can also create your picture like 3D Zombie.

    Another option that is liked by many people would be the video part. Here you can record a ghoulish video and can share that with friends. You also can record the video and post the same on YouTube and Facebook as well.

    If you really like the app, you can make in-app purchase to really get into the grove. So what are you waiting for spook your friends with ghost and zombie pictures.

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  4. Monsterfy – Face App

    monsterfyAnother pretty awesome app for all the horror face app lovers. Monsterfy is the app that lets you change your face into werewolf, vampire, or other scary creature. The developers of this app have added some crazy animations.

    You would be able to find zombified or ghostified self and blood sucking image of yours. With some awesome animations, you can turn your phone into monster making machine.

    All you need to do is to take a selfie, choose the monster, perform adjustments and you are ready with a blood sucking monster of yourself. The developers also update the app according to the festivals and time of the month. Just like on full moons or Halloween time as well. You would be getting pretty awesome updates.

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  5. Horror Face App

    horror face appAs the name suggests, it is another horror face app. This app lets you edit your photo into Spooky scary, realistic and most deadly effects.

    Many users have reported that they actually got scared when they saw pictures that was edited using this app. Here you would get some awesome and realistic effects.

    You can easily customize your image with different objects as well. Some of the can be Eye, mouth, head, hat, knife with blood etc. There are options of sharing the edited image with every social media platforms as well.

    This is easy to use app and is pretty useful when you have to scare someone. You also can make a person seem like a dead person using this app.

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