10 Best Music Instruments Apps

Are you planning to learn a musical instrument? Well, there are some amazing music instrument apps that could help you in getting to know different instruments. As a result, you would be able to make yourself aware of the same.

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These music instrument apps have made it possible for everyone to enjoy different musical instruments. Just imagine, you are going camping and you have a phone with you. At the same time, you have one of these best music instrument apps.

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In that scenario, you would be able to enjoy a number of instruments without having to carry them. Hence, it would be double the fun.

best music instrument apps

Top Best Music Instruments Apps

  1. Real Piano – Play And Learn

    Did you always wanted to play the piano but could not because of some or other reason? A piano is an actual royal instrument that has the power to mesmerize anyone.
    This app brings to you a multi-touch piano with 88 keys.

    Here you can play any notes and or chords. You can easily adjust the keys on the piano That is only those keys will be visible which you are playing. The sound quality of this app is just like that of the studio version.

    Besides with the help of this app you can play synth, organ, acoustic guitar, and many more. But since you are playing it why not record it and share your talent with others. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store and enjoy learning the piano.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  2. Band Live Rock 🎵 Drum, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Mic

    Whenever we go to a concert or maybe to a rock show we all come back with one thought in our mind. And that is none other than wanting to be able to at least one instrument.

    The Band Live Rock app works to make this wish of yours truly. It has a multi-touch drum setup that allows you to smash that cymbal and kick the base at the same time.

    You can try to play only one instrument at a time or let those creative juices flow and play drums, guitar, piano, bass, and more at once. It costs nothing to any of the users to download this app.

    Through this app, you can professionally mix all the sounds of the instruments, and later on, can even extract the audio from it to use or share it elsewhere.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  3. CLASSIC DRUM: Electronic drum set

    Do you want to be an epic drummer but are not one for some reason. Well, let’s just wipe away all those reasons from the board. And give you a chance to do so.

    The classic drum electronic drum set app brings your passion for drums to life. This app updates with new drum kits every week. You can also customize your drum kit by adding on crash or cymbals.

    It has made learning to play drums easier than it can ever be. This app has more than 60 lessons that will help you become better with every play. It also has inbuilt funky loops or tracks that you can jam along with anywhere. The classic drum app is a multi-touch 13 pads drum set with studio-like sound quality.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  4. REAL GUITAR: Virtual Guitar Free

    Imagine we are out and about and suddenly you see someone playing the guitar. You instinctively, immediately stop and listen for a while right.
    The sound of the strings of the guitar strumming always does magic on the hearts of the listener.

    The real guitar virtual guitar app lets you freely play the guitar. No matter whether you just started to play it or are a professional player.

    It has about 3 types of guitars with 40 quick learner lessons. You can also enjoy the 16 pre-installed loops on the app. Do a quick jam session and even record it through the use of this app.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  5. REAL PERCUSSION: Electronic Percussion Kit

    Learning any kind of musical instrument is not easy. But if you have a liking of that instrument then it definitely does not take much time to grasp the peculiarities.

    This app brings to you the fun of being able to play an actual musical instrument but in a virtual setup.

    It has 20 samples of rhythm and about 25 musical loops to play along to. The purpose of this app is to give the user an actual experience of playing the percussion kit.

    It even has a recording mode where you can record the whole jam sesh with a single tap on the record button.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Harp Real

    The harp is another stringed musical instrument that has been played for a long time. It is both vintage and classic in the history of its being.

    The musical instrument harp is actually a heavy, big, and expensive artifact to hold. So unless you are sure that this is what you want to play you can work with this app.

    In this app, you have 2 playing modes – normal and real-time. This app even has many pre-recorded songs that you can listen to and learn in whichever order.

    You can also record the songs which you have learned to play and save them and share them with your friends and family. Furthermore, you can also put the songs on autoplay mode and practice them.

    Download From Google Play Store

  7. Simple Drums Basic – Virtual Drum Set

    Having an actual drum kit can turn out to be on the heavier side of your pocket, isn’t it? But worry not this next app on our list has got your back.
    The simple drums basic virtual drum set app is an absolutely amazing add-on to the drummer inside you.

    It is an easy-to-use app that you can download for free on your device. It is screen-friendly which means that you can use it on your phone and or tab. This app comes with 24 installed loop tracks and there is a different drum kit set up for every style of playing.

    You will see the drum kit set up is different for every genre of music like jazz, hip hop, rock, and metal. It has all in all 6 types of drum kits with a studio-like sound that too of high quality. To make it look more profound and professional it even has a superb sound mixer and a reverb fx.

    Download From Google Play Store

  8. REAL BASS: Electric bass guitar

    Every musical instrument has its own set of characters and without a doubt has its very own sound and tone. When you listen to a song you can clearly tell which is which instrument.
    One such melodious musical instrument is the guitar. You must know that there are many guitars available in the market to list a few are acoustic, electric, and bass. This app that is real bass electric bass guitar puts off the hunger of those who want to learn how to play bass guitar. It has more than 20 lessons and is a multi-touch setup. With pre-installed 16 jam tracks, you can become like a pro if you practice regularly on it. It gives out a studio-type sound with hyper-realistic bass sounds. You can learn to play 6 kinds of bass guitars with the help of this app. It is free to download and lets you record your own tracks too.

    Download From Google Play Store

  9. Piano – Play & Learn Free songs

    A real-life-size piano is actually way too big and is one of the most expensive musical instruments to possess. And even learning the art of playing the piano requires a bit too much silver.
    This app kicks away all these worries of yours and helps you fulfill your dream of playing the piano. It has a list full of sweet songs that you can learn how to play. You can learn songs of Sia, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Bruno Mars, and even the classic pieces of Mozart. As you make progress in your learning you can shift from the beginner level to the intermediate level. And with much practice, you can then even move to the advanced level. It has a rich play feature where you can turn on either the backing track or vocal track or even both at the same time. This app can be downloaded on any of your devices for free.

    Download From Google Play Store

  10. Kalimba Real

    Kalimba is one magnificent instrument. It may be small in size but the sound it produces is bigger than any other instrument out there.
    It is an African instrument that looks like a wood board with staggered metal tines. And yes that is exactly what it is. This app gives you the option to play kalimba in 4 different types of simulation. You can learn in this app to play various types of songs. These songs are both in Hindi and English and come with different difficulty levels of play. You will find songs here both in the online mode as well as offline mode. What stands out most about this app is that you can connect your actual kalimba to it and can play it in 4 different melody modes.

    Download From Google Play Store

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