Best Motivational Apps For Daily Motivation

At each and every step of our lives we need motivation. Hence, if you have an app that gives you a daily dose of motivation at the starting point of your day, you would feel energized. As a result, I have decided to list down some of the best motivational apps that you can use on your android and iOS device.

You also can use hanuman chalisa apps for your daily dose of motivation. Motivation will provide you a great amount of positive energy. Using this energy you would be able to provide your best to the task that you are up to.  If you are a student, you would need great motivation.

Hence, you would need a motivational app. If you are a professional, you would require daily dose of motivation of keep trying for your professional goals.

In short, every human being, be it in any field would require motivation. For that very reason I am listing these best motivational apps for all the iOS and android users. Most of the Christians are using these meditation apps to keep themselves fit and motivated.

best motivational apps

The Best List Of Motivational Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Forest : Stay Focused

    forestOne of the best apps that you have in the market for motivational purpose is Forest. The developers have come with an interesting solution for overcoming the phone’s addiction problem. If you want to put down your phone and just concentrate on your life, then all you need to do is to plant a seed. Hence, your seed will start its journey of becoming a tree.

    But here is a twist, if you cannot resist the eagerness of using your phone and leave the app, then your tree or the plant will die. You also can track your history with the help of this app. Forest has an awesome user interface. The options are clean and there are no complicated features.

    There is also a pro version which is paid one. Here you will get some additional features. In the pro version you can add some apps in the white list, hence if you use these apps the trees will not be killed even if the Forest app is unattended.

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  2. Strides : Habit Tracker

    stride plusAnother great app that can keep you motivated is Strides. On this app you can track your habits and improve upon them. Success of a person depends on his habits and behaviors.

    Hence, if you want to improve your habits then this is the go-to app for you. You can easily track your Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals. As a result of tracking, you would be able to find yourself motivated once you start seeing the improvement in your habits on day-to-day basis.

    You have got step by step goal setting procedure. The app also supports reminder so that you would be able to know when you are supposed to do a particular activity. You also can add extra notes so that you are able to remember each and every thing.

    The premium version of Strides is stride plus. Here you would be able to get some extra features and you will have to pay annually and monthly for the same. Stride Plus supports Unlimited Trackers, Sync, Backup, Web app, Tags & Filters etc. Hence, you can totally give this app a try.

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  3. Fabulous: Motivate Me

    fabulousThis app has been editor’s choice app for quiet some time now. You can understand this app by name itself. The developers claim this app to be a science based app that can motivate you to be on track with your goals.

    By tracking each and every thing you can bring your lifestyle on track. There is a great change of you discovering your mindfulness to reduce your anxiety.

    With an awesome user interface, it is received Google’s material design award for most charming engagement app. Hence, you can understand how useful this app has been over the years. Using this app can definitely lead to improvement in your daily productivity.

    With the help of tracker in this app you can easily refresh your morning routine, exercise, improve your sleep cycle. As a result of which you will feel extremely positive and full of motivational thoughts and awesome concentration levels.

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  4. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

    habiticaA free productivity and habit tracking app is Habitica. Here you can treat your life as a game and try to enhance the level and quality of living. You can try to improve one task at a time.

    Hence, you would be able to give more time and concentrate fully on that one task that you have taken up.

    All you need to do is to input your task, daily goal or your to-do list and track your day-to-day activities. By doing so, you will get a full insight of what exactly you need to improve.

    When you will find yourself improving on a certain activity, you will feel motivated. Hence, I can say that this is definitely one f the best motivational apps.

    It is available for the users of android and iOS both. You can check out the tasks and to-do list and upgrade your avatar as a result of which you will be awarded in terms of free time to enjoy. This is a fun app to use and you would be able to improve upon yourself as well.

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  5. Habit Tracker

    habit trackerAnother great in this list of the best motivational apps is Habit Tracker. This is one of the few apps which are fully customizable in nature.

    You can measure and track of lists and activities. This will let you get a feel of accomplishment once you are done with tasks. Using this app, you also can make a list of bad habits and start taking them down day by day.

    As a result of which you will start feeling a great amount of positive energy inside yourself. This will surely motivate you in further improving your lifestyle. Not only this, you also can make a list of positive habits that can add value to your health and life at the same time.

    You can easily track multiple habits, repeat the to-do list on daily basis.  There is a counter and percentage successful bar for each and every habit that you perform on daily basis.

    The developers have also incorporated the quotes for each and activity to help certain habits. Some of them might include meditation, reading, stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking cigarettes, stop procrastination.

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