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Who doesn’t love a selfie with a Googly eye ? Are you also looking to convert your normal eyes in the selfie to a googly eye ? This could be easily achieved with the help of one of the best googly eye apps. Well I have a great list of apps that will help you in achieving your target. These apps that I have listed below are some of the awesome and genuine apps that you will find on the official app stores.

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These apps are simple and easy to use. Hence, it should not take you much time. When and if you want to convert your normal eyes to googly eyes. As every one says photo editing is an art. So is clicking a perfect selfie with one of the amazing eye candy apps. But little do they know, behind every amazing photograph there are skills of an amazing editor and an amazing software.

The Best List Of  Googly Eye Apps – Android & iOS

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Googly Eye Camera Effect Photo Editor

googly camera effectThe first and definitely one of the best apps is Googly Eye Camera Effect. This is a free app for all the iOS users. You would be able to click selfies in various types of googly eyes. This app could be used with front and back camera as well. The developers have added 15+ filters of different googly eye effects. Hence, you can choose any of them to make your photo look funny.

You also can add the text of your choice. Add stickers that you love. Blur effect is present as well. You also have the option to crop your pic. Also, there are some basic options that you could use to edit your selfie as well. Hence, this is totally an amazing app that you will absolutely love.

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Googly Eyes Free

googly eyes freeThis is another great app when it comes to editing images and adding a googly eye in the photo. It is a pretty simple app to use. All you need to do is to choose the photo and upload the same to the app. Once you have uploaded the photo, select the eye that you want to add to the uploaded image. Now press the change eye button. And you are done.

You will have the amazing googly eye picture or a googly eye selfie with yourself. You also can share the image to your favorite social media directly from the Googly Eyes Free app. As the name suggests this is the free app and there are absolutely no charges involved with this app.

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Fantastic for Families

fantastic for familiesFantastic for Families is one of the best android app for googly eye. This is very light app that converts any image to googly eye image. With this app, developers have added both the options. You can take a new picture or can select an existing image as well. Then from the prop section, you need to choose googly eyes option. And now you are done.
Save the converted image or share it to social media directly from the app itself.

Fantastic for Families comes with other props as well. You can add different noses, hats, rings, wigs etc. These effects will add funkiness to your photograph or selfie. The developers also have a web portal where you may perform the same edit on your images.


New Eyes Editor

new eyes editorAs the name of the app suggests, new eye editor. This app supports multiple types of eyes. And one of the type of the eyes that it has is googly eyes. You can replace the eyes in the photo very quickly. There are some amazing googly eye effects as well. These effects will surely leave your friends and family amazed and giggled about your picture.

The app has got googly eyes, cosmic eyes, animal eyes, zombie eyes etc. This app is very easy to use. All you need to do is to upload the photo and select the left outline, select the right outline and finally select the desired eyes and you are good to go. Now save the edited image and share in on social media as well.

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Eyes Troll

eyes trollEyes Troll has one of the widest collection of googly eyes. Once you have downloaded this app, you will absolutely fall in love with this app. With such amazing and funny googly eyes your edited selfie will look just amazing. In the category of photo editing apps as well, this app will stand on top very easily.

It has got 36+ googly eye editor to choose from. It also supports image editing tools and camera stickers as well. Also, you can click a new picture or upload an existing image from your phone’s memory. Then you need to select the eye that you want to put on your image. And you are done. Post this step, you also can edit background or add any art work that you love as a background.

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Crazy Bug Eyes Changer Booth

crazy bug eyesThis is just another crazy addition to this list of the best googly eye apps. As the name suggests, this app has some of the most crazy eye changing effects. And one version of it is has googly eyes. The best part about this app is that you can change the eyes in the videos as well. Hence, this app could turn your eyes as googly eyes in video as well.

There is also an automated face detection technology that will enable your face to be automatically selected for the crazy eye. Hence, you will be presented with a preview. If you liked the preview, you can keep the same or else you also can choose the filters of your choices.

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