Amazing Gamecube Hidden Gems That You Should Try Now

If you are still addicted to the gamecube games, then you should definitely try these gamecube hidden gems. These games went unnoticed due to some issues or were highly underrated gamecube games.

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The list in this article consists of awesome gamecube gems that were sold less but had great potential. Once you start playing these, you will start loving these gamecube games allover again.

These games were not so popular, but they are quality and addictive gamecube games. I have included the games that are GameCube or a GC-compatible Wii. Hence, you may try each of these and re-live your childhood. You may also check out websites to download PC games for free.


gamecube hidden gems

Best Gamecube Hidden Gems

  1. Ikaruga

    Ikaruga is the shooting game which is developed by treasure. This game is totally based on the rebel Shinra. The bullets and the ammo in this game are either black or white. This game has five stages and three level of game play. The player is on a ship, and they will have to doge the bullets.

    If the color of ship is black and the bullet is white the ship would be destroyed. Vice-a versa is also true. The player could change the color of ship just by pressing the button.

    The best part that I liked about this is the enemy also has the option to change the color and hence they could use the black bullets when your ship’s color is white. In total this is a pretty interesting game. That is the reason this is on top of our list of gamecube hidden gems.

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  2. Baten Kaitos

    This is one of the most undervalued role-play game that we have for Nintendo Gamecube. The player in this game does not play the game directly, but it is present as a guardian spirit.

    It talks to the protagonist by using the preset text. Sometime the character in the game might ask questions with the player and when the player answers them in a rational manner it mirrors the respective character’s mindset. As a result of which the bond between them is strengthened.

    The story of the game goes like this, there is a character named as Kalas who wants to take revenge of death of his grandfather and brother, joins Xelha. The game also has magical card called Magnus. It can pretty much store everything that is present in the game and could be used any time.

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  3. I-Ninja

    i ninja
    I-Ninja has been best known for its Ninja training. The game has got great Ninja graphics which show the evolution of ninja techniques as the game proceeds.

    Here in this game Ninja could perform the basic things and in addition to that it could double jump, perform acrobats and spin is sword around midair. The developers of this game have designed special ninja walls that could be used to demonstrate the special ninja powers.

    In some of the levels the ninja is also provided explosives that it could use during the game play. For Ninja lovers this game is absolutely amazing. There was no reason for this game to be sold less, but still this is probably one of most ignored gems of gamecube games.

  4. Animal Crossing

    animal crossing
    Animal Crossing was loved by each player that played this game. Even you could still find its great reviews but this game did not become as famous as other gamecube games.

    In this game the player is from the rural village. The village has anthropomorphic animals and the player lives there forever. There are no specific tasks or no specific goals. All you need to do is to spend as much time as possible in the woods. It is based on real scenarios, real timings and real seasons.

    The trees require great amount of time to grow. The fruits and crops are seasonal. The user also has to collect objects and gather things. This is pretty much fun game and great time pass game in terms of other gamecube games.

  5. Ribbit King

    ribbit king
    This game is very simple with very easy objectives. You need to earn as many points as you want. The landing of the frog needs to be perfect. I just loved this game personally. The setting of this game is just awesome. You also game great number of points by sending your frog to spheres in various levels. There are levels where you would be getting the chance to hunt flies, swim through bubbles and in the process make your way to a high score. The main characters that are included in this game are Scooter, Sluggy, PickWick, Pan-Pan. If you do not feel cranky this could be the most ignored gem of gamecube form you.

  6. Skies of Arcadia Legends

    skies of arcadia
    This is a kind of traditional role-playing game. It has got awesome mechanics such as turn-based battles. You also get to experience point-based character progression. In my opinion it has got to offers you a unique RPG adventure. The developers have coated this game the coolest theme of all time. It might feel quite similar to Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. You also get fly large spaceships in 3D space. There is a mission in which you need to go to the fictional game world’s six regions. This game would definitely take you to the third world and you would enjoy your time.

  7. Timesplitters

    time splitters
    One of the best first-person shooter game is Time Splitter 2. It was developed by Free Radical Design and published by Eidos Interactive. This one from the time splitter series starts from 2401 when Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart are sent to a TimeSplitter. The main aim for both of them is getting the time crystal. You need to complete each and every objective in order to move forward to the next stage. This has some awesome game play. It also has Acrade mode, which is divided in two parts, Acrade Lead and Acrade Custom. They also have added a challenging mode which is just awesome. This is one of the coolest games that you will play. There are lots of trophies to be won as well.

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