Best Free Prank Apps For Trolling Your Friends

Trolling your friends has never been easy. Hence, every time you need to find a new cool way carry out an awesome prank on them. That is the main reason I have compiled this list of the best free prank apps that you can use to troll your friends very easily.

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If you are more of a website person and not an app person, you can check out the best prank call websites.

I have listed some of the best free prank apps. Using these apps is very easy, all you need to do is to download them, on your phone and you are good to go. After using these best free prank apps, you are bound to have an evil smile on your face. You can also use prank calling apps to carry out a phone call prank on anyone.

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Hilarious Best Free Prank Apps For Trolling Your Friends

  1. Ghost Prank Apps

    ghost photo prankGhost prank apps have always been one of the best apps that can easily scare someone. These could be easily used on kids and children of younger age.

    When you are using these apps you can choose different ghost pictures and different sounds to prank them.

    All you need to do is to download these apps and select the ghost, then select the position where you want to take the photo. Then you can apply it to a photo or you can take a fresh picture. Now you are ready and send these pics to show a ghost in your room or at your home.

    There are many scary prank calling apps that you can use to prank them using your mobile phone. Scary prank calling apps will have different scary sounds that you can use and call your friends at night.

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  2. Cracking Your Screen

    crack your screenOne of the best prank apps that I loved the most is crack your screen. You can make your screen look like a cracked one and show it to others as if, you have cracked it.

    These awesome apps let you play the crack pranks in multiple ways. You can crack your screen at a particular “preset” time.

    Or you can make it crack on the phone shake as well so that your friend feels that he or she has cracked your phone’s screen. You also can make the phone’s screen crack on the screen touch. Again, you can make it feel like your friend has cracked your phone’s screen.

    These types of crack screen apps are awesome as you would be able to make them feel guilty that they were responsible for cracking your phone’s screen.

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  3. Voice Changing Apps

    voice changing appsVoices could really lead to very funny pranks. Some time loud voices like fart and burp sounds can make a person very embarrassed in front of people.

    Hence, I have mostly used voice changing apps to make an awesome prank out of people.

    Some of the really awesome go-to prank apps when it comes to voice change are iFart and funny soundboard effects. To be really frank I have personally overused these apps. Hence, I find them really very interesting for an awesome prank.

    There is no doubt that voice changing apps turn out to be the best free prank apps. You have the option to use them in public places as well, this will surely produce some awesome and confusing moments for others and if you are able to film it, it can be sometimes really very hilarious.


  4. Fake Police Calling Apps

    plice fake callWhen it comes to police calling you, generally people are afraid to talk to them. Hence, you can prank anyone by using some of the fake police calling apps.

    I also have used police siren apps to prank people on the road. I know it might sound a little cruel to you, but let me tell you that these types of pranks on the road generally turn out to be the best ones that I have had.

    Here people would be very much afraid to hear the police siren, and they will try to avoid the same. On the other hand, when it comes to fake police calls, everyone is afraid to talk to them and speak to them.

    Hence, this could be hilarious sometimes. Just a word of caution, please use these types of apps only for pranks, not for any other purposes.

    Download From Apple App Store : Police Siren

  5. WhatsFake

    whatsfakeCreating fake conversations and spreading rumors about yourself is in trend these days.

    Hence, there are many such apps, where you can just edit and customize the conversations with anyone and post and share it on social media.

    These apps can really be great when it comes to using pranks. As a result, you can easily fake a conversation with someone and spread it on social media, and doing a prank on a bunch of people.

    Lots of people have used these types of apps to fool a bunch of people at the same time. With WhatsFake, you can control both sides of the conversation and nobody would be able to make out if it is fake or not. Hence, you can surely try this app and start a rumor about yourself.

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