Best Emf Detector Apps For Android And iOS That Really Work

If you want to detect any paranormal activities, then you should have at least one of best emf detector apps.  Getting to know about the emf sources at your home is also important.

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Prolonged exposure to emf radiations could lead to health issues in the long term. Hence, you should use one of the listed emf apps to detect about the exact amount of radiation around you.

Emf apps will detect and provide you the complete in and out analysis of the area and let you know all about the radiations present. In this article I am going to list some of the best emf detector apps for android and iOS that you could download and use for free.

best emf detector apps

Can a smartphone detect EMF ?

Since mobile phone’s communication is dependent on the waves and mobile phone themselves work on the principal of electromagnetic frequencies, using the same principal they are able to detect the emf waves.

These apps just take help of magnetometers inside the phone to take the emf reading and display the same with the help of Emf detecting apps. So in short, the answer to the question is yes, smartphone can detect emf radiations.

Top Best Emf Detector Apps For Smartphone

  1. Ultimate EMF Detector Free

    emf detector freeOne of the best apps that you will find to detect the emf reading using your smartphone is Ultimate EMF Detector Free app. This app works according to the sensor of your device. Hence, the accuracy is totally dependent on your smartphone. Ultimate EMF Detector displays the magnetic fields in microTesla, Gauss and milliGauss. The results could be easily saved on your phone or on a text file.

    While using this app, all you need to do is to keep the screen on button and there will be a sound notification when there is a sudden change in the electromagnetic field. Auxiliary field H is also displayed by this app, all the readings are displayed in graphs form and you would be able to get the accurate readings.

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  2. Electromagnetic Detector EMF

    Electromagnetic Detector EMFThis is an exclusive app for the iOS users. It is absolutely easy to use app, there is no need of any expansive tools to detect the electromagnetic frequencies. This app also uses the sensor present on your smartphone. There will be a beep sound to warn you of the higher emf radiations. Certainly this is one of the best emf detector apps.

    It also has the sensor, which detects the radiations from the surroundings and point you to exact direction. With raw data and direction it is very easy to understand the intensity and the source of the emf radiations.

    According to the developers, high emf radiations can cause nausea, headache, fatigue, anxiety, mental confusion, memory loss, sleep disturbance etc. Hence, it is very important to be away from the high radiation area.

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  3. EMF Meter / Metal Detector

    emf detector- metal detectorFor all the digital display lovers, EMF Meter is the app to go. This is an iOS app that is for all the Apple device users. According to the developers this app is being used by Scientist, Teachers, Students, Engineers, Ghost Hunters for EMF detection. Hence, they regard this as best emf detector apps. It can detect the strength of the magnetic field in all the three axis. Namely, X, Y, Z.

    You can record the readings with all the details like time and date stamp. The app also has the auto sleep and auto disable mode that could be used to set the limit for the app. With the option of calibration, it can provide the set of data that is needed by you for emf detection. Alarm is also available for the time when you have over the thrash hold limit of the emf radiation the surroundings.

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  4. EMF Analyser

    emf analyserAnother great app when it comes to analyzing the emf radiations near you. The developers have stated that, you can easily detect the paranormal activity around you using this app’s readings. This app is usually used by the ghost hunters for finding fear cages, ghosts, spirits and other energies from the outer world or third world.

    It has got readings in the form of numbers, strength bar and also presents graphs to identify the correct readings and variations. For sudden variation and notification the app also has a beeping sound that can make you alert. The developers have also added the calibration to remove the background noises. With simple user interface, it is simply one of the best emf detector apps.

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  5. Electromagnetic Radiations EMF

    electromagnetic radiations emfAnother cool emf detector app really work is Electromagnetic Radiations EMF for iOS users. This app also uses the device’s compass feature. Using this app from your phone, you have the capability to detect the high EMF generating objects and eliminate them from your surroundings. Prolonged exposure to the EMF radiations can make your health suffer.

    Hence, by using these emf detector apps, you will have the exact readings and work according to them to get rid of such objects. This app can display the readings and even beeps near the high object emitting the radiations. Recording the readings with the time stamp on this app is really easy and you also can maintain the data of previous readings.

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  6. EMF Detector – EMF Meter & Magnetic Field Detector

    emf detectorFor simple and basic usage, this is a great app for all the android users. All you need to do is to make your phone move in the surrounding area and the app will provide you the reading of µT (microtesla). The developers state that you also can detect hidden devices like cameras, mobile phones using this app. EMF Detector could also be used for potentially detecting the metal objects.

    The features include easy to use interface. Light on your smartphone and how to use guide. There is no permission required from anywhere to use this app. As this app also is dependent on the sensor present inside your smartphone.


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