Top Best Cut Out Picture Apps For Android & iOS

Looking for the best cut out picture app? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here is the list of top and the best cut out picture apps.

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These apps will let you cut out any part of the picture that you like and make the best images out of them. By using these apps you will definitely get to know how to cut someone out of a picture app.

These are legitimate apps that you would be able to download directly from the app store. These photo cut paste will provide you an easy way to cut out a picture from the app. As a result, you would easily be able to create an awesome image.
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Best Cut Out Picture Apps

Top Cut Out Apps For Android

Cut Cut – CutOut

cut cut cut outOne of the best apps to cut out pictures is the Cut Cut app, this is for android users. It is one of the most professional background editor apps. With easy to use options, it could be handled by anyone with basic phone handling knowledge. It also had got some amazing filters, customize filters, effects, and stickers which are absolutely free for downloading.

Smart cut out option cuts out image automatically with AI. Also pasting the cut image on another one is so easy with this one. There are great options for the filter, art filter, adjust, crop, rotate, mosaic, brush, blur. There is an option for WhatsApp status image editing.

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Cut Out: Background Eraser

cut out background eraserAnother great app for all the photo editing wizards who want to remove the background. With this app, you can easily erase the background and make it transparent. Also, it provides you with the option to let you edit it with different beautiful backgrounds. The other background includes amazing HD background images with many historic monuments as well.

This app includes a background remover tool, cutting image tool, stickers, text editors and you also have the option to upload your own custom background image. All in all, this is just an awesome app to use.

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MagiCut – Cut Paste Photo

MagiCut - Cut PasteThis is an amazing and funky photo cut app. This has some great cool looking background images with HD quality. You can add text and cool looking slangs as well. Cut out photo has never been so easy. Removing and cutting background images and adding them to high-quality texture, more realistic, and immersive images could be easily done.

Auto Cut Paste will select and extract objects through Detect AI. You also can paste them on any of the existing background images as well. This includes some cartoon images, historical monuments, etc. You also can choose the existing template as well. The creation of Graffiti is also very easy in this app.

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Top Cut Out Apps For iOS

Auto Cut Out

Auto Cut OutFor all the iOS users out there, this is certainly one of the best cut out the app. It is pretty easy to cut a background image and create a new one. With options like Lasso or Magic Wand tools, you can easily mark the areas that you want to cut. Auto cut-out app also provides foreground segmentation which enables smart ways of removing backgrounds from still images.

Hence, this app is certainly for those people who are looking for easy options to cut out the image. Removing the background has never been so easy. With just a few clicks you can create a new and background-free image.

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Photo Cut Out Editor

photo cutout editorThis is an awesome app if you are into erasing the background from your image and blending it in. This app will make your photo editing experience easier than ever. With Photo Cut Out Editor app you can easily select objects, change the background, and add effects to your desired image.

The developers have included both types of selection tools, automatic and manual. Hence, selecting and extracting objects can be easily done within seconds. Some of the awesome properties of this app include 21 blend modes, 7 selection adjustment tools, transparent PNG support, and many others.

CutOut Studio

cut out studioAnother awesome app that could be used by iOS users is Cut Out Studio. This could be a very easy background eraser. It has got awesome auto remover tool that is used pretty easily with amazing results. Lasso tool is also included in this app that could be used for manual cut out.

It is very easy to use app with pretty amazing user interface. The database of this app has a huge number of images that could be used by you. Restoration tool is also available, in case you want to revert your settings.

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