Top Best Cardio Trainer Apps For Android And iOS

Awareness about fitness has been increasing day by day. As a result of which every form of exercise has its own specialized apps present. You have meditation apps for people who only love meditation.

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There are some great yoga apps for people who are interested in yoga. In the same way, this article is going to let you know about the best cardio trainer apps.

It is always recommended that you take the help of professionals when you are doing cardio. As you are dealing with your body which is the most precious thing one has. Eating the right diet is important for your bodybuilding, including a bit of cardio, which is also mandatory. You also can use BMI calculator apps for monitoring your weight as well.

Cardio Trainer Apps

Top Best Cardio Trainer Apps For Android And IOS

  1. Daily Cardio Workout

    daily cardio workout appOne of the best apps for amazing and effective cardio exercise is Daily Cardio Workout. It is available for both Android and iOS users. The best part about this app is that it only takes5-10 minutes to complete the daily dose of your cardio. This could be used by both men and women both, hence this is beneficial for one and all. It has got certified trainers who will provide you great exercise and you will be in shape within no time.

    This is free to download and use the app, hence it will not affect your pocket as well. The app also contributes towards the workout videos, hence you have all the exercise steps clearly indicated on the app. It also has an online timer to help you keep the track of time. There is absolutely no need for the internet or network to use this app.

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  2. HIIT Cardio Workout by Fitify

    hiit & cardio workout by fitifyAnother free app for all cardio lovers is a cardio workout by Fitify. This is also available for both android and iOS users. The exercise mentioned in this app does not require any equipment used. Hence, you would be able to do your daily cardio workout at your home as well. The exercises shown in this app have all the cardio levels included. High intensity, light cardio, polymetric jumps, and joint frenzied exercises are some of them.

    It has got over 90 exercises that could be done by people from all age groups. Hence, you can easily say that this is one of the better Cardio Trainer Apps in the market. The app also includes voice coach, video demonstration, and offline usage as well.

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  3. Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts

    daily cardio fitness workoutIf you are looking for some cool Cardio Trainer Apps app for improving your fitness level, then the Daily Cardio Fitness Workout app is the one you can go with. This is available for android and iOS users both. Burning fat and calories is just a piece of cake if you are a user of this app. Doing cardio exercise can be easily beneficial for you and being slim will be very easy by using this app regularly.

    The best thing about this app is that it shows a low-intensity version of each cardio exercise so that it could be easily done by anyone. It has also got specific training sets for each one according to the level of experience. The best ones include a 6-week training program, 5 full-body cardio that helps you drastically reduce your weight and make you fit. The app also gives you diet suggestions according to the workout that you are going to perform.

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  4. Gold’s AMP Cardio & Strength

    GOLD%u2019S AMP Cardio & StrengthThis is an exclusive app for iOS users. If you are using this app, you have the ability to choose your fitness coach. It has got some of the Gold’s Gym expert coaches that can train you. You also can choose the exercise that you want to do on that particular day. Choosing your own music for the day is also one of the cool options that are included.

    Apart from the intensive cardio workout you also have other exercises that include bodyweight training, meditation, and strengthening the specific part of your body. This is kind of all one app for all fitness lovers. You will have access to some of the premium Gold Gym’s coaches and workout routines if you are using this app.

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