Best Blending Photo Apps For Android & iOS

Blending photos is a trend these days.  It is the best way to combine the series of multiple photos and make one cool picture out of it. With the usage of mobility,  now you also have the option to edit and blend the photos on your mobile itself.

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You can use the best blending photo apps for your android and iOS devices and get the photo blending done. In this post, I am going to list some of the awesome and best apps that you could use for blending photos.

These apps would be free to use blending apps and easy to use as well. Hence, anyone who knows to use the smartphone would be able to use these apps and blend multiple photos easily. You also can check out the best photo editing apps.

best photo blending apps

Best Blending Photo Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Ultimate Photo Blender

    ultimate photo blenderUltimate photo blender has been one of the most famous and prominent apps that are used by most people for photo blending. It is an easy-to-use app and has tons of features that add to the value of this app.

    Blending photos has never been so easy. All you need to do is to select the two or more images that you want to blend, use the tools to make it look more professional and you are good to go.

    This app has tools like double exposure, multiple exposures blending and mixing effects overlays, enhancers, etc. Once you start using this app, you will find it easy and quick to edit and of photos as well.

    The iOS version of it also has a red-eye removal option that you could use.  You also can share the final image on social media from the app itself or you also can save it on your phone memory as well.

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  2. Blend Me Photo Editor

    blend me photo editorThis app has one of the best blending effects as it uses a mix-up technique using the bokeh effect. Hence, you would be able to apply the blending technique on multiple images as well.

    All you need to do is to select the image and apply the bokeh effect. Another effect that is included in this app is the lightning bokeh effect. It is pretty easy to use and that is the reason it could be easily considered as one of the best blending photo apps.

    You also can blend the two or more images. As a result of which you can get some awesome designs on the image. The app has got built-in photographic images which could make your images more beautiful. There are multiple editing options as well. Some of them would be flip, adjust the fade, the opacity of the image, etc.

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  3. Pic Blender Photo Editor

    pic blender photo editorOne of the premier app for iPhone users for blending pictures is Pic Blender Photo Editor. You also can edit your images with double exposure and graphic designs as well.

    It has got 12 blend modes, foreground images, masking tools, exclusive presets, and other blend effects as well.

    You have also got a movable effect. Using this effect, you would be able to move and rotate your picture according to your needs. For new users 1 Year of all features and effects, the first Week is completely free. Try this app and let me know in the comments below, about the functionality of this app.

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  4. Adobe Lightroom CC

    adobe lightroom ccHow can we forget this app? When it comes to editing the images and especially the photo blending techniques, Adobe Lightroom CC is the best app that you could use. It is available for both, android and iOS users.

    It is not only a photo blending app, but has complete photo editing capabilities. Some of the awesome options include its automatic detection of the quality and lightning of the image.

    There are options that you can use to capture the image in DNG raw format for more creative editing of the image. You also can use the app directly with your camera captured image, hence you get to use this app on all occasions.

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  5. Snapseed

    snapseedSnapseed is the tool by Google itself. Hence, you can expect some quality stuff in the app. The app has got more than 29 tools and filters. These filters are of different usage.

    You can use them for blending the images. Crop your photo, adjust lighting, and different kinds of brushes as well. You will have the option to edit all the basic details using these tools.

    The app comes with an option called Glamour Glow, this will put a glow in the images and your images will look bright. With the tools like grainy exposure, you can have grain effects on your image to make it look vintage. It also supports double exposure options as well.

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