Top 10 Apps Like Tinder For Android & iOS : Tinder Alternatives

Apps like tinder are hard to find. And if you were searching for any app that is equivalent or best alternate to tinder, then you need to check out the list given here on Your Top Best. Though we can say that online dating has been given a new life by tinder. But certainly everyone is not happy about tinder. Thus they search for apps like tinder.

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The reason why I am presenting you with the tinder equivalent tinder alternatives because people are searching for these applications. People generally search for apps like tinder for their android and ios smart phones. Online dating has been on its highest side these days.

As people are getting used to internet these days and they are getting addicted to several other websites and apps like tinder on internet. Now you can also login to tinder without Facebook.

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Why People Look For Alternative Apps Like Tinder ?

The best part of using Tinder application is that it is free of cost. But because of the tinder plus being introduced, it was criticised. People do not like tinder application because of one very basic issue. In Tinder you can get a match if you have dashing looks.

Thus, if you are someone who is dependent on your personality traits to get a date, Tinder is definitely not for you. That is one of the main reason that people search for tinder equivalent on the internet.

So here we are, with a great list of apps which are apps equivalent to tinder and are best alternatives to it. This is not the longest list, but certainly a best one. All you need to do is to try them one by one and choose the best app.

Free 10 Apps Like Tinder : Tinder Alternatives

List Of Tinder Equivalent Apps

  1. Bumble

    bumbleThe first application that we have is great for all men out there. Many times for a man, you must have noticed that sometimes matches don’t reply to your messages ever. That is what makes Bumble so special for men.

    Here, the special part is when two people do a swipe right and get a match, then the women have to send the first message in 24 hours or else the match is cancelled. And by using the option also you can show the world that you are looking only for friends. And if you have storage space running out then bumble is the best app to use.

    This has great user interface and works smoothly on iOS and android phones.

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  2. Hot Or Not

    hot or notIf you will use Hot or Not, you would notice that it close to tinder. This has some of the features like tinder. By using this application you can send messages to almost anyone.

    It has a great feature that shows you how popular you are in your region, and number of people visit you and some coll badges supporting that.

    Badges would be like “most liked, “most friendly” etc. Although many features are free, but still you have some paid features like the ability to promote yourself with your profile, you also can send gifts and many other “Super powers”.

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  3. Skout

    skoutSkout is one more app like Tinder. It lets you choose between two options of user interface. A swipe interface which looks like tinder and a layout which would display multiple profiles and would show you grid of profiles.

    There is a one very unique feature. This lets you see who has checked out your profile and marked you as a favorite. Just like tinder application, there is a basic app and a paid app.

    With basic application you will have limited access with bunch of advertisements. But with paid version you have more visibility and you can jump also to other people’s chat.

    This is one of the best alternative to tinder app. specially for the people who are looking at the dating and finding people seriously. As many people have given positive review about this one.

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  4. Coffee meets Bagel

    cmb freeCoffee meets Bagel, with such a cool name you might expect some cool features. This application is much like tinder with basic overview but also has some cool features. CMB brings you with one unique match every afternoon depending on your interests and the place you live. This Bagel will not be some random one from the public, but that match would be from someone that you would know or mutual friend.

    One more cool feature that it has is that is a Bagel likes you then you will get a question. And this would be a ice breaker for you and you would be prompted for a actual meetup. This is one of the great applications that you can use for great experience.

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  5. Happn

    happnHappn is a great cool application with some interesting features. There is cool way it chooses some one for you. It gives you a match of someone who has crossed you by. Person who walked past your front door or shop an hour ago, matching with users within a 250 meter radius is actually quite great. If you have someone who is stalking you from days can also be choose as a match for you.

    So there is a blessing in disguise in using this application. As you have a great chance of meeting your stalker. There is great Charm feature that you can send to people that you like if you really want to get noticed, which is similar to a feature called as Super likes on Tinder.

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  6. Ok Cupid

    okcThis application has one unique feature that proves to be best tinder alternative. It has endless personality quiz questions that you can answer and it will give you a match percentage with would-be partners. Ok Cupid has also incorporated a swipe feature which is same as tinder. But it has some great features. There is also a incognito mode that lets you search according to your needs hobbies and appearance. This application also gives you a feature to go premium and lets you go on the timeline above others.

    This application gives freedom to those people who really want to get a match of their dreams. As you can enter as much details as you want. Thus using those details it will give a ideal match for you.

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  7. Plenty of Fish

    pofPlenty of Fish or POF is one of the great online dating app which can replace tinder, and you will never face any less users. There is an option that you would be able to find the users according to their online status.

    One of the best features is that you have the options that are free and you have options to send free number of messages to anyone.It has great cool feature like chat heads and VOIP calling and other great features.

    There is restriction with the usage of this application as it is present only in some countries Canada, UK, Australia ,US, Ireland, and Brazil. As a result of this we can say that it has some restrictions.

    This is a great application where you can send any number of messages. You have no restrictions on the number of messages.

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  8. LOVOO

    lovooThis application for android and ios is a fun and easy app. It has a very clean and bright user interface. Hence it works on a very basic functionality. It looks for the people near by you and play match and gives you a perfect one for you. You can send messages and talk to your match.

    But the issue with this application is that, most of the good features are paid. So generally people do not like this application as it is not free. But as per the paid users, it is a great application to use. One you pay the money you will have features like invisible mode, more profile visibility, unlimited chat requests and other cool stuff. Recently people have openly reported this application by saying that it has profiles which are fake.

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  9. WOO

    wooThis is also one of the applications like tinder. It has very basic functionality and uses very basic user interface which is very good as per the user’s perspective. Apart from being a social app like tinder it has some additional cool features. As a result of it, this app is much more popular as a app like tinder. You can add voice introduction for yourself on your profile. So you have the option to listen the voice of the person you are searching for. Woo has taken the leaf out of tinder’s “super like ” and has introduced “crushes”. Here you can leave a voice message for your crush because it is considered more effective than a text message.

    And like other applications you can search for people, and it will give you the results according to your like, intrests etc. There is a basic version which is available for free but you can pay and get an upgrade for your profile status.

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  10. Match

    matchIf you are really looking for some serious prospectus then Match application for online dating is an application for you. You have the option to view photos of singles near you. You can Search for single men or Single women . And there are hogh chances that you will get handpicked matches.

    There is an cool option also where this application will give you some awesome matches according to your interest declared to you every day on you app. Like other dating apps listed, it has basic version and premium version.

    By getting a premium or a paid version you will get to see who visited your profile and your liked your photo and block option and much more. As a result you will have much more options and fun in using Match as a app like tinder.

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Best Of Luck On Using Tinder Like Apps

These was the bast list of applications that are like tinder dating app. These can be downloaded and used on android and ios smartphones. Applications that are listed here have some basic functionality like tinder only.

Hence you can give try to all the applications listed above. As you will be the best judge of the apps like tinder.

And if you want to get back to dating scene then these applications which are same and equivalent to tinder can really help you. I hope you enjoyed our article apps like tinder for android & iOS best alternatives.

As in the beginning of the article it self I said that “apps like tinder” are very hard to find you can bookmark this page for future reference and you can name it as apps like tinder helper guide.

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