Best All In One BMI Calculator Apps To keep You Fit

All of you might have heard the phrase, “health is wealth”. The apps listed below are some of the best all-in-one BMI calculator apps to keep you fit. These BMI calculator apps are also referred to as body mass index apps, and they will give you the overall health analysis of your body.

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BMI calculator apps are designed to keep your body fat in check. Hence, you should be totally aware of everything related to your body. When you start using these apps you will get all the data about calories, fat, and the amount of water in your body. BMI calculator apps will also let you know about any deficiency that you might have.

These BMI calculator apps are pretty awesome apps hence I have listed plenty of them so that you may choose the best ones according to your needs. You would be able to download these apps just by clicking the button below the description.

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Best All In One BMI Calculator Apps

Best All In One BMI Calculator Apps

  1. BMI Calculator

    bmi calculatorOne of the most talked-about apps is BMI Calculator by Splend Apps. This is free to use the app with perfect BMI results. This app would allow you to measure the correct fat concentration in your body and let you take control of your body.

    The developers have stated that they have made this app for one and all. Made for all body types and for both males and females, this is just a perfect app for all-in-one BMI calculations.

    The developers have used a special formula to calculate the BMI for every different body type. This BMI Calculator app uses all the information like gender, age, height weight, etc. It is easy to use the app and very light on your phone’s memory. Hence, you may download this app and pledge to stay fit forever.

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  2. BMI Calculator – Appovo

    bmi calculator - appovoThe developers from Appovo Health & fitness have done a great job on this one. They have made this app very easy to use the app. Even a school-going kid could operate this app. With an interactive user interface, this is a pretty amazing app.

    Here all you need to do is to enter your very basic information such as age, height, weight, and sex. As soon as you would fill in this information, you are good to go. There would be able to see the meter right in front of you.

    With all the categories of Underweight, Normal, and Overweight. With an average rating of 4.7, this is just a great app with very easy-to-use functions. More than 2 thousand people have already downloaded this app.

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  3. Ideal Weight, BMI Calculator

    ideal weight Bmi calculatorIdeal weight has been one of the best-known BMI calculator apps present online. It is developed by MMA apps. This is a very user-friendly app with all the functions. You just need to enter the details by swiping the fingers on the measuring tape present on the screen.

    There is an option to select the units as well. Within one click you would be able to change the units from kg or lbs and feet/inches or meters. There are no buttons to press and you just need to swipe left and right and you are good to go.

    Ideal Weight could also be used by people under the age of 19, which is pretty good, as it provides you with accurate information about their body as well. Along with the weight details, you would be able to get the exact estimation of your body.

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  4. BMI, BMR and Fat % Calculator

    bmi & BMR appAnother well-known app in the field of fitness is BMI & BMR calculator app. This app is developed by Asher Mobile Solutions. With the name itself, you might be able to guess the functionality of this app.

    You can also measure Basal Metabolic Rate (BMI) here. You would be also getting to know your Waist-to-Height Ratio as well. This is great for your waistline. This could be definitely considered as one of the best all-in-one BMI calculator apps.

    You would be getting to know the total body fat percentage as well.  They have used a special “US Navy Circumference Method”, they take the height and circumferences of waist, neck, and hip to calculate the same.

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  5. BMI Calculator – WNK

    BMI calculator - WNKThis BMI calculator is developed by WNK. This one is a pretty standard app that everyone could use very easily. The developers have specifically mentioned that this app is not accurate for “athletes” or “muscular persons”.

    According to them these athletes are already in good shape hence the BMI for them would always be normal, there will not be many variations in their measurements.

    Hence, they have already mentioned in the description of this app, that this app is useful only for “normal” children/adults/m/f. The other best part that I liked about this app is that they support multiple languages as well. Precisely they have Italian, French, Spanish, German, Croatian, Korean on their app.

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