Top Best Apps To Write Text On Videos

This list will help you with the best apps to write text on videos. By using these apps you would be able to create a really informative video. Sometimes writing a text on videos becomes really difficult. Hence, if you are using any one of these best apps to write text on videos, you will not face any difficulties.

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Writing text on any video makes sense when you are trying to explain anything or you are trying to express your feeling. Especially if you are preparing any video by collecting many photographs. You can easily use any of these apps to write text on videos.

The apps that are listed below are pretty straightforward. Also, these are free apps to write text on videos. The list below contains apps from Google Play Store and Apple App Store store. Hence, you would be able to download according to the device. You may also check out green screen apps.


Top 10 Apps To Write Text On Videos


  1. Video Editor & Video Maker

    viva videoThis is one of the most popular apps for video editing with a lot of features like cutting and trimming videos, merging two or more videos, adding music and images to your videos, and applying special glitch and transition effects.

    The quality of the video is maintained even if you crop it. You can blur the background and add text with stylish fonts on your video, save and export your videos in high quality up to 4K.

    This app is free and you can share your amazing videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or wherever you want to.

    Download From Google Play Store

    Download From Apple App Store

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  2. Hype Text- Type Animated Text & Mojo Story Maker

    hype textThis app allows you to create amazing videos for your Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

    You can add wonderful captions, quotes, textual postures, or describe your story on the videos with the help of beautiful text.

    It has got different types of text layout and templates available of which you can select the color and fonts all by yourself. The animated text will make the videos look very attractive.

    There are professional sets of objects and templates that could be used for official purposes as well. Hence, you could also use this app for adding text to your video presentations.

    This app is very easy to use and you can grab other’s attention by using fashionable typography.

    Download From Google Play Store

  3. Add Text To Video

    add text to videoThis is an amazing app that enables you to add text using different types of fonts, colors, and animations. You can also add a watermark to your video and share it on your social media platforms.

    It has very user-friendly and you just need to choose any video you want to add from your device’s gallery and add stylish and colorful text to it. You can also add music to your videos to make them more attractive.

    It contains about 20 cool animated font sizes and you can also change the size of your video’s background if you want to.

    Download From Google Play Store

  4. Animated Text Creator

    animated text creatorIt is a very powerful video text editor which more than 80 types of text styles and a wide variety of animation types. There are different types of colors that you can choose for your text and the background is also changeable.

    Adjust the alignment and font types as per your preference. You can generate the video in any resolution and share it with your friends and family members on social media.

    Once you export your video, it will by itself get saved into your device’s memory.

    Download From Google Play Store

  5. Textro- Animated Text Video

    textroThis app is an amazing text maker that allows you to create very attractive videos. You can share your feelings, impressive quotes, inspiring stories, your imagination, and creativity in writing through the videos.

    It has a lot of animation styles. It enables you to add photos and music to your videos from your gallery. You can choose the fonts and color combinations as per your preference. Textro has more than a thousand fonts stored in it.

    You can also set any photo you like as the background of your video. It allows you to show your writing and video editing skills to your dear ones. You can also share it on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Video Editor, Video Maker with Music Photos & Text

    video editor and video maker - add text to videosThis app allows you to make wonderful videos by creating a wonderful combination of images and music you like. You can cut many songs into small parts and merge them together.

    It has got special effects for you to apply. You can adjust the speed of the video and add captions. There are varieties of colors and fonts for the text and you can easily set the time you want you are to text to appear. This feature is very beneficial for creating subtitles.

    You can add different themes to the slideshows along with transition effects. It also has video filters feature to make the videos eye appealing.

    Download From Google Play Store

  7. Add text on Photo & Video by Odyssey Apps Ltd

    Add Text on Photo & VideoThis app is very suitable for adding captions and subtitles to your video. If you want any particular portion of the video you can crop it.

    Add any number of text you want to and the size is adjustable. You can choose any particular font and color you like. It has got different video filters and effects.

    Text is rotatable and cropping the photos and videos is very easy. You can add text both in videos and pictures. Set the background and share it on any social media platform.

    Download From Apple App Store

  8. Pixel Flow- Intro maker and text animator

    pixel flowThis is a very useful app for the content makers who prepare the contents for their YouTube channels and can also be used by others to make beautiful videos for their Instagram or Facebook accounts.

    It can be used for making videos on every occasion like birthday, farewell, Diwali, and so on. It contains more than 25 stunning animated text templates and a wide variety of video backgrounds.

    The background color is customizable. You can use motion graphics and 2D animation effects on your text.

    Download From Google Play Store

  9. Legend- Text Animated Maker

    legend text animatorThis is another amazing app used for animated text maker which allows you to make videos using text animation. You can also make GIFs animations along with videos.

    There are many text styles. You can choose any photo from your gallery and set it as the video background. It has several fonts and colors for your text.

    If you want to edit videos for your YouTube channel, Legend will be one of the best choices for you. It has several inbuilt quotes too.

    Download From Google Play Store

  10. Vont- Text on Videos

    vontThis is one of the best add text to video apps available on the App Store. It has got 400+ font styles and you can change the size and color of the text including the background color of the text to whatever you like.

    You can adjust the space between the fonts and make it very attractive. It allows you to rotate the text in any direction you want to.

    This app requires iOS 12.4 and later. You can use this app not only on your iPhone but also on the iPod touch and iPad. You can upgrade it to a paid version for ads free experience.

    Download From Apple App Store


So these were some of the best add text to video apps available for you. If you are using any other app to add text to your video, do let me know in the comments section below.

Or if you want me to cover any specific app, comment below using the comment section.

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