10 Top Best Apps To Unblur Photos For Android & iOS

Searching for apps to unblur photos? Well, your search ends here. I have listed some of the topmost apps to unblur photos for android & iOS. These apps are free to use and could be really helpful when you want to unblur any of the images.RecommendedTrippy Apps

Sometimes when you are trying to capture any moment in a really quick manner. You tend to click blurred photos most of the time. Hence, these apps to unblur photos become really useful at that point in time. The list below contains apps from Google Play Store and Apple App Store store, hence could be downloaded by the respective users.

Hence, you can easily cherish those awesome moments by using these apps to unblur photos that got blurred because of huffing puffing. You also can check out red-eye remover apps.

apps to unblur photos android & iOS

10 Top Best Apps To Unblur Photos For Android & iOS

  1. Snapseed

    snapseedIt is one of the amazing apps to unblur photos by Google which will enhance your experience of editing and creating wonderful pictures. It has got a variety of tools. You can manually adjust the color and light on any particular area of the photo so that the photo gives a natural look.

    You can darken the corners of the image, add text on it with different stylish fonts, add frames, add more focus on your face or eyes, adjust your skin color, use the lens blur for adjusting the background.

    Also, you have the option to eliminate any unwanted objects or persons in your photo, use the brush to amend the saturation or any other objects, use filters, and many other special features. It is very simple to use and performs the best in sharpening the picture and taking out the noise of the picture.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  2. Blur Image – DSLR Focus Effect

    blur image dslrThis app allows you to blur or unblur a specified portion of your photos by yourself so that you can do the required as per your preference to make the photos attractive.

    It has a very user-friendly interface, you just need to choose any photo from your device’s gallery and focus on the portion you want to blur or unblur. For this very reason, I consider this app as one of the best apps to unblur photos.

    It has got a brush with adjustable size which enables you for tuning the photo. Thus, you will be able to develop attractive photos, save them, and share them on your social media platforms.

    Download From Google Play Store

  3. Afterlight

    This app enables you to edit photos and give it a stunning look so that your pictures look more attractive to the viewers.

    The interface is very simple and it has got about 15 special tools with which you can edit and adjust your picture for correcting all the imperfections.

    It contains many special filters to make the image eye appealing, crop and rotate if you require and add any frame of your choice, and make your picture before you share it with your friends and family members.

    You can upgrade it to the paid version to enjoy a lot more features.

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  4. Adobe Lightroom- Photo Editor & Pro Camera

    It is one of the best photo editor using which will allow you to create astounding photos with its special tools and filters. There are varieties of filters available for you to choose from. You can improve the color, exposure.

    The healing brush will enable you to eliminate any particular object from your photo irrespective of its size. You will also be able to adjust and improve any specified portion of the photo. Not only editing this photo will also let you capture pictures with special effects in real-time so that you can save your time from editing it later on.

    This app is easy to use which will make you learn how to be an expert photo editor as you continue using it. Hence, with these advantages, it is considered one of the best apps to unblur photos.

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  5. Facetune2

    This app has got many well-designed tools and filters which will let you create professional pictures. It allows you to correct the faults in your picture so that you can share a perfect photo within your social media platforms.

    You can blur the background, apply different beautiful filters, adjust the brightness on any particular portion, crop and reshape the photo. Also, there are options to soften your skin by removing the pimples, change the hair color, apply amazing effects, whiten your teeth, and many other features.

    These features will help you make attractive pictures and will improve your selfie clicking experience. Also, you always have the option to unblur any photograph that was clicked as a blurred photo.

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  6. Image Noise Remover and Enhancer

    This app enables you to convert your noisy photos into well-polished photos. Generally, the photo captured in poor light turns out to be noisy giving it a bad appearance, thereby, diminishing the quality of your picture.

    This app will help you correct your photos by removing all the grainy noises. You can also blur the image to make it more clear and auto-adjust the color and exposure of the image.

    The denoising feature will help you in improving the picture quality, especially those which are taken in poor light conditions or during the night.

    Download From Google Play Store

  7. PIXLR

    pixlrThis app lets you apply different types of stickers to your photos and create collages. It is a free app containing unique effects like watercolor, painting, and different cool filters.

    Use the Auto Fix feature for color adjustments. It enables you to adjust the background and remove flaws like blemishes and red-eye. You can blur any particular point and add text with stylish fonts to your pictures.

    If you want to, you can crop and resize your picture and adjust the borders. This app always proves itself to be very effective in correcting blurry images and you can upgrade the app for the paid version to avoid ads.

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  8. Remini- Photo Enhancer

    It is a very useful app in enhancing the quality of your old and blurred photos and videos that you might have taken using your old mobile phones or cameras.

    It does not matter if the resolution of the photos is low, it will get enhanced into a high definition so that you can easily view your images or play the videos on a bigger screen as compared to the earlier one.

    The de-blurring features will provide clarity to the photos and videos. As a result, you would be able to use this app pretty easily.

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  9. Enhance Photo Quality

    It has got different amazing effects like unicolor, sepia, vintage, and overlays which will improve your photo quality. You can adjust the saturation, exposure, and also the sharpness of the pictures.

    It enables you to manually edit the picture as per your imagination and creativity and makes your photos look very attractive. You can add text and stickers on any portion of the photo you want to.

    It has amazing photo focus features in it. It is one of the best apps for you to share a perfect picture on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and showcase your creativity.

    Download From Google Play Store

  10. Blur Image Background Editor

    It is one of the most popular apps that people use to blur and unblur any particular part of your pictures. Applying blurry effects to the background will give your picture an attractive look.

    You can also use the Blur Brush to blur any particular object or portion and the blur opacity is adjustable. Also,  you do not need to be an expert to use this app, it can be used by all.

    You just need to select the picture from your device’s gallery or click pictures directly, it will give your picture an impressive look.


So these were some of the best photos unblur apps available for you. Hope you like these apps. If you want us to add any specific app to this list, do let us know in the comments below.

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