Top Apps Like Snapchat {Latest}

Are you looking for apps like Snapchat? Are you bored out of Snapchat? Snapchat, in no time, has become one of the most talked-about social media applications. But recently it has been observed that a number of people have moved away from Snapchat. Hence, they try to find apps like Snapchat. For this very reason, I am bringing to you some of the applications that are similar to Snapchat.

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These apps are popular and are used by millions of people. By using these apps you can send instant messages just like Snapchat. Some of the apps that I have mentioned below have filters like Snapchat.

These also contain face tracking filter apps like Snapchat. People generally search for apps like Snapchat for grownups, hence I have also mentioned similar apps especially for you, but we have tried bringing the best of them.

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List of Apps Like Snapchat

Wickr Me

wicker meThis is one of the well-known applications after Snapchat. They let you send encrypted messages, text, images videos, etc.

The specialty of this application is that no phone number or email address is required to register. Hence, you may say that this is one of the user-friendly applications.

It is very famous among the users who are looking for an alternative to Snapchat. The main features provided by Wickr Me are :

Configurable Expiration Timer – Set the expiration time on all your messaging content.
Groups – Communicate in private groups of up to 10 users.
Shredder – Overwrites all deleted content on your device.

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instagramIf you need any introduction to Instagram then you must be living under a rock. There might be a possibility that you might belong to a different planet altogether.

I can say that Instagram is one of the best apps that can replace Snapchat. Instagram has all the features like Snapchat, it could be used by adults as well. It has well-defined filters as well just as any other apps like Snapchat filters.

The best thing about Instagram is the “Live” feature. Best of all, Instagram now has the disappearing text, photos, and videos, a feature that is distinct from Snapchat.

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One of the best features that I like about this app is that it has great filters. You can turn into a panda, zombie, or even face swap with your friends. However, the app has a watermark that annoys some users and it has fewer face filters than other apps. This is a very smooth app that is user-friendly.

Just like Snapchat, it can provide you with an animated filter as you do your selfie or video selfie. They also support masks that you can use on your photos just like using Snapchat. Hence, we can say that this is also a better alternative if you are looking for apps like Snapchat filters.

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Slingshot Chat

This is a pretty new application. People like this application as this is all the features like Snapchat. Slingshot is ideal for sharing embarrassing confessions, snaps, and selfies you don’t want being put in front of the wrong eyes or appearing on the Internet for all to see.

The interface of Slingshot is easy to use and this is a smooth application as well. You do not have to be a techie to operate this application. They also provide face-tracking filters similar to selfie filter apps. You can also keep the message secret by keeping it for just 1-2 minutes. Post that it will self-destruct.

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