3d Home Design Apps For Android & iOS

These 3d home design apps are specifically for those people who love to give their homes an amazing look. These home design apps are also important for those who like to visualize and provide a new dimension to their homes.

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As a result, I have listed some of the best 3d home design apps for android & iOS. Using these apps you would be able to give a dreamy look to your home.

A number of interior and exterior designers use these types of apps to come with a better design. Hence, you may also give these apps a shot and see if you are able to achieve the desired result with these 3d home design apps.

3d home design apps

Top best 3D Home Design Apps

  1. Home Design 3D

    If you are planning to revamp the interiors of your lovely place. Then my friend you have landed at the right mark today.

    Each and everyone dreams to have an amazing-looking and beautiful house with wonderful interiors and exteriors.

    The home design 3d app makes it really easy for the user to find just the right interior decor for their dream room.

    This super cool and amazing-looking app lets the user design, furnish, decorate, visualize, and do much more to make the home look fabulous.

    It will let you design and furnish and also decorate the layout and the interiors of your project with several floors.

    What is more eye-catchy about this app is that you can decorate interiors and at the same time exteriors as well. For instance, you can decorate your deck or patio, give an edge to your pool area, and much more.

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  2. Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator

    These particular 3d home design apps have a pool full of many great and noteworthy reviews.

    Anyone can use this app to redecorate or decorate as matter of fact their place before actually moving things around.

    The Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator app has a full extremely detailed catalog that will help the user in getting ideas about how to go around the whole home decore process.

    It sometimes happens that what we had in mind by it I mean the kind of furnishing. That does not match or look good in reality and in this way we lose thousands of bucks.

    So why not first create a virtual plan and decore that matches our expectations. The planner 5d app lets you plan and design your home decore in 2d and 3d design which you can see in different multiple angles.

    This app also comes with a well-designed catalog that is filled with more than 3000 plus items. Which can be used to personalize your self-made designs and decore looks.

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  3. Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D

    To praise the room planner home interior and floor plan design 3d app sometimes even the words fall short.

    It is definitely one of the most popular apps that fall in the category of home design and decor maker.

    What is best about this app is that it not only gives out ideas for home decor. But also it lets the new homeowner prepare a floor plan as well.

    If you are totally new to this interior designing activity then no need to worry. This app has already some amazing pre-installed ideas and layouts that will help the user out in getting used to it.

    Using this app you can design the most beautiful room with wonderful-looking products. You can download this app for free on the apple owned app store and plan and design your way to your new home.

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  4. 3d Home designs layouts

    Those who are looking for new and fresh ideas to redesign their old-looking rooms. Then you can definitely take a look at this app because it is really wonderful to work on.

    The first thing is first, this app has a very friendly interface developed by deeps game studio. Even if you are someone who just got his hand on this new tech product and service.

    You can use this app really easily without having to learn something out of the blue. Before actually making changes to your room and or home you can see how those changes will actually turn out to be. Also the most amazing this is that this app contains more than 500 plus 3d design and arrangement for the user to decide from.

    This app also lets the designed plan be seen by the user in the gallery as well. With the offline download of the designs and zoom in zoom out option, there is no possibility for the user to leave out any decor detail.

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  5. Houzz Home Design & Renovation

    Are you a professional interior designer or do you fall in the category of amateur interior enthusiast? Well, to be honest, it does not matter at all. Because professional interior designers and amateurs interior designers alike this app will do wonders for you.
    This app aids the user to create his own ideas by showing them in-app ideas. These ideas are about the kind of furnishing the user would like or the home decor. The user can also walk around the departments dedicated to lighting, bath, kitchen, and dining, and obviously many more.

    And the most important feature of this app that deserves unlimited mention is that the user can place the item in their room at the exact spot. Without having to buy the product you can use the camera of the phone through this app and see how the final look will turn out.

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  6. 3D Home Design Plan

    It is more than sufficient to say that the 3D home design plan app is more than a 3d home design app. It is everything and more for those who are highly interested in interior design.
    There are definitely times when it happens that we run out of ideas on how to beautify the overall vision of our place. It is pretty normal to happen but it becomes really frustrating for the person engaged in it.

    But of course, the interior designing block won’t stop you anymore all thanks to the 3d home design plan app. By using this app you can pick a plan from the app gallery or you can even add your own plan. All of your plans would be stored in your user account. And you can swipe around from left to right and top to bottom to see the plan from all angles.

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  7. Roomle 3D & AR room planner

    Another iOS 3d home design app making to our list is the Roomle 3d & AR room planner.

    This app also falls in the premium content provider app which is very much loved by the user.

    Using this roomle 3d app you can easily draw your floor plans in 2d using nothing but your fingertips.

    You can also experience great visuals of your plan in the 3D live view panel. Besides, the user can also browse through the catalog of the app and furnish and decorate with diverse items.

    This home design 3d app is way too quick and easy to access for all. You can download this home design app for free from the app store without any extra permissions.

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  8. Design Home: House Makeover

    For some people home makeovers or interior designing start as simple as a hobby. And this app is just the right type where you can learn from your hobby.

    This app is basically a kind of number 1 home decor game that lets the user be creative. The app user can explore and learn from room designing challenges from all around the world.

    And also win exciting prizes for their astonishing designs. You can design your room with furniture from top brands like Justina Blakeney and more.

    Furthermore, you can design homes and build your dream home with incredibly designed bathrooms, a kitchen, and more.

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  9. Swedish Home Design 3D

    Using the Swedish design 3D app the user can easily create floor plans, choose furniture settings and interior decor items, and more from the in-app catalog.
    This app also allows the user to walk through interior design and get a view from any angle in 3D mode.

    You can easily customize your project as well using simple settings with lots of options. Also, this app will let you create floor plans, choose furniture and interior decor items from the catalog. Besides, you can use this app in both online and offline mode as well and create innovative interior plans and layout for your rooms.

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  10. Home Design 3D: My Dream Home

    The home design 3d my dream home is the last home design app on this list. It is the simplest 3d home design app for any user to use.
    Carrying the most super friendly user interface this app leads the user to create the most lavish-looking interiors.

    Besides, this app helps the user from falling into the pit of misery when things do not go as planned. With its simple 2 steps working strategy you can create and customize the room design as you wish. Anyone can simply download this app for free from the google play store.

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